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How does it work?

Some details and recommendations on how the system works.

  • Get a better look at MS Stats and make sure your server is online
  • How to fill your server?

    If you visited our website, so we may conclude you are looking how to increase number of players at your server. If you are a game server administrator, you should focus on 3 points.

    First point is how to attract more players to your server. You must know that most of players are looking for game servers using in-game search. It allows them to sort the server list by ping, choose servers with specific map or use other criteria. So, to attract more players your server must appear in the game server browser. This is what we do. It is no a secret that SETTI is dead due to some dudes and now it is not possible to get players for free.

    Second is to make players join your server. Think about the attractive name of the server and game mod used there. Do not try to launch another boring public with standart plugins - potentially there are more servers than players in the world. Your server must be really good to be visited by people after your subscription expires. Also make sure your server is not empty: nobody will join an empty one. Some people have filter in their server browser so they even will not see your server in the list. Better add some bots that will exit when people will join.

    Third is to let all players join your server without having any problems with it. Try to join your server from "clean" Counter Strike 1.6 client and look how many files (models, sounds, sprites etc.) are loaded and how long it takes. Make sure that you turned on Fast Download (sv_downloadurl), the web server has fast uplink and no players are kicked before they will join your server. Check the ping to your server from different locations.

    Recommendation for success.

  • Make sure your server works well and looks good.
  • Make sure it complies with our rules.
  • Buy the subscription and we will make your server visible to players.

  • Rules of our service.

    We have zero tolerance to any server that redirects players, changes the default keyboard bindings including but not limited to bind of spam or connect commands, changes the default Game Menu options (New Game, Find Servers etc.). If your server will send any bad command to client, it will be permanently banned from our service without any refund. Better switch off all "bad" plugins before ordering a subscription. Here is a full list of prohibited activities:

  • Changing default Game Menu items or adding more then two custom commands. Better remove it at all.
  • Creating or changing files using motd_write command (autoexec.cfg, joystick.cfg, language.cfg, userconfig.cfg, valve.rc or any other standart game file).
  • Redirect player to another server (even if your server is full).
  • Using message SVC_DIRECTOR for sending any string commands.
  • Fake servers that have constantly more then 25% bots from maxplayers value.
  • Malicious binary files (DLL, ASI and other extensions including hiding them into .MDL etc)
  • Advertising of any other game server client ("newer", "better" versions etc.)
  • Changing the player's nickname using client command "name" (you may do it server-side using another AmxModX possibilities!)
  • Using plugins like GameDestroyer or similar.
  • Better view our banlist and make sure your server does not send anything like that.

  • Our players have enough protected game clients, so nothing will work, nevertheless, disobeying service rules leads to instant IP ban with removal of all servers you have added and without any refund!