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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you may find answers on the most popular questions we are asked.

  • How long do I have the boost server?
  • Your server can be boosted daily, weekly, monthly or VIP.
    The daily boost system accepts a maximum of 30 servers in the boost list.
    Your server can be boosted daily for a period of 24h, or 5.10...15 hours, depending on how fast the list of boostate servers is running. For example:

  • When you register the server in the boost list you are no. 1 in the list of boosted servers, if after that 10 more clients come, from the 1st place you are automatically placed on the 11th position, and if another 20 clients come you will be placed on the 31st place, and if the system is set to accept maximum 30 servers, you will be removed from the boost list.
  • Is it allowed to boost a server multiple times?
  • Yes, we have decided not to restrict server boosting more than once. As long as you pay for the ordered service and want to add the server several times, there is no problem.

  • Is it possible to upgrade a redirect server?
  • Because people are trying to boot redirect servers for re-selling players, redirecting redundant servers is forbidden to avoid potential fraud. We advise you not to try to boost redirect servers because the redirect IPs will be added to the banned list and the money will not be refunded.

  • PayPal and the BOOST.RGK.RO web server?
  • If you make your payment and your server does not subscribe to the list of enhanced servers you should know the following:

    • Because everything is automated, there is a chance (0.1%) that the server does not subscribe to our database. This is entirely due to PayPal, they validate payments and send data to our data bases.
    • Taking into account that Paypal does hundreds, thousands of transactions per second, a high delay time may occur, the web server will not receive the required PayPal data and the server to be listed in the boost do not appear in our database.
    • Should such problems arise, please contact us as soon as possible!

  • I paid for a subscription but no players join my server.
  • If you've seen the message that payment was accepted and subscription activated - plaese wait a little, typically players will enter your server in 1-10 minutes. The possible reasons could be late time (nobody plays at night), your server is unreachable from some countries or has a very high ping.

  • Payment was not successfull.
  • If your payment was not successfull please write us using "Contact Us" menu and note the time, selected payment system and desired subscription, we will check it. If you were billed but subscription was not activated, also write us. We can not 100% exclude the possibility of technical failure, but even if your paid and did not receive a subscription, we will activate it manually later.

  • The Server is on the List! But the host did not return the information.
  • If your server instead of HOSTNAME returns the message "The Server is on the List! But the host did not return the information.", download the latest stable version of reunion here and replace it on your server.

  • The server has been removed from the boost list.
  • Why are we deleting the server? Because players sent to an offline server are lost players, because those players cannot connect to the server by receiving the message "Failed to contact game server".
    If your server is offline for more than 24 hours, it will be removed from the boost list without any refund.

  • How to attract more players?
  • Never let your server be empty: add some bots. The best case is PODbot with pb_minbots 0 and pb_maxbots 5 - there will be always min. 5 players. One human will enter and bot will exit. Think about the hostname and game mod.

  • Many players join my server but there is never 32/32
  • There is no service that will attract to your server so many players to fill it 32/32. It does not exists. But, you may try to order other subscriptions somewhere else simultaneously, of course you will get full server after good choice. Try Gametracker.RS, for example.